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Crooklyn Clan
's Section!!

Crooklyn Clan - Breezy's Baddest Hits Vol. 1

You know who this is just listen!!

Check Out
Crooklyn Clan
's Section!!

Ayo (CC BBH1 Redrum)[Clean]

Ayo (CC BBH1 Hype Redrum)[Clean]

Fine China (CC BBH1 Scratch Hype Mixshow QH)[Clean]

Forever (CC BBH1 Redrum)[Clean]

Gimme that (CC BBH1 Remix Redrum)[Clean]

Umbrella (CC BBH1 Remix Edit)[Clean]

Kiss Kiss (CC BBH1 Redrum Short)[Clean]

Love More (CC BBH1 Party Starter)[Clean]

Loyal (CC BBH1 Aca Out QH)[Clean]

Loyal (CC BBH1 HipHop Redrum)[Clean]

Loyal (CC BBH1 Slam Hype Party Starter)[Clean]

No Guidance (CC BBH1 Redrum)[Clean]

No Guidance (CC BBH1 Party Starter)[Clean]

Pills & Automobiles (CC BBH1 Twerk Clap Rework)[Clean]

Run It (CC BBH1 Redrum Short)[Clean]

Run It (CC BBH1 Remix Scratch Hype Redrum)[Clean]

Run It (CC BBH1 Transition 125-101 BPM)[Clean]

Sensational (CC BBH1 Redrum)[Clean]

She Aint You (CC BBH1 Redrum Short)[Clean]

She Aint You (CC BBH1 Scratch Hype Redrum)[Clean]

Undecided (CC BBH1 - I Love Your Smile - Redrum Party Starter)[Clean]

Undecided (CC BBH1 Hype Redrum)[Clean]

Under The Influence (CC BBH1 Uptempo Club Refix)[Clean]

Wall To Wall (CC BBH1 Scratch Hype Redrum)[Clean]

With You (CC BBH1 Redrum)[Clean]

With You (CC BBH1 Singalong Party Starter)[Clean]

Yeah 3X (CC BBH1 Hype Redrum)[Clean]

Yeah 3x (CC BBH1 Hype Redrum Short V2)[Clean]

Yeah 3x (CC BBH1 Singalong Party Starter)[Clean]

DJ Turn It Loud Jump (CC BBH1 Acapella Loop Tool)[Clean]

Yo, Excuse Me Miss (CC BBH1 Hype Redrum)[Clean]

Turn Up The Music (CC BBH1 Party Starter)[Clean]

Turn Up The Music (CC BBH1 Synth Clap Remix Starter)[Clean]

Turn Up The Music (CC BBH1 Hype Transition 105-130 Bpm)[Clean]

Go Crazy (CC BBH1 Party Starter)[Clean]

Go Crazy (CC BBH1 Redrum)[Clean]

Look At Me Now (CC BBH1 Aca Out Short)[Clean]

Look at Me Now (CC BBH1 Redrum)[Clean]

New Flame (CC BBH1 Hype Redrum)[Clean]

Don't Wake Me Up (CC BBH1 Redrum)[Clean]

Get Like Me (CC BBH1 Redrum Short)[Clean]

Five More Hours (CC BBH1 Hype Redrum)[Clean]

Five More Hours (CC BBH1 Redrum)[Clean]

Do You Mind (CC BBH1 Redrum)[Clean]

No Air (CC BBH1 Redrum)[Clean]

Monalisa (CC BBH1 Remix Redrum)[Clean]

International Love (CC BBH1 Redrum)[Clean]

Birthday Cake (CC BBH1 Moomba Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Brithday Cake (CC BBH1 Epic Aca Party Starter)[Clean]

Nostalgico (CC BBH1 Aca Out Short)[Clean]