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Crooklyn Clan
's Section!!

Crooklyn Clan - Latin Party Hits Vol. 10

This no-fail series of latin floor fillers will never disappoint your crowd!

Check Out
Crooklyn Clan
's Section!!

Candy Shop (CC LPH10 Tribal Edit)[Clean]

LAS BABYS (CC LPH10 Hype Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

BABY NUEVA (CC LPH10 Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Despues De La Playa (CC LPH10 Merengue Transition Edit 124-155)[Clean]

MONACO (CC LPH10 Slam Hype Edit)[Clean]

NO ME QUIERO CASAR (CC LPH10 Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

PERRO NEGRO (CC LPH10 Hype Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Believe (CC LPH10 Hype Tribal Edit)[Clean]

Rockabye (CC LPH10 Mambo Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

LET'S GET CRAZY, Mambo Drop (CC LPH10 Transition 100-120)[Clean]

Dile (CC LPH10 Tech House Transtion 94-125)[Clean]

Sandunga (CC LPH10 Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Mission Impossible 2024 (CC LPH10 Guaracha Edit)[Clean]

LUNA (CC LPH10 Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Losing It (CC LPH10 Brazil Tribal Edit)[Clean]

Bongo Cha Cha Cha (CC LPH10 Bongos Wordplay Edit)[Clean]

Bongo Cha Cha Cha (CC LPH10 Bongos Wordplay Edit)[Dirty]

Somebody That I Used to Know (CC LPH10 Hype Tribal Edit)[Clean]

Jump In The Line (CC LPH10 Moomba Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Amigos (CC LPH10 Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Lovin On Me (CC LPH10 Reggaeton Rework)[Clean]

Can't Get Enough (CC LPH10 Reggaeton Rework)[Clean]

Move Your Feet (CC LPH10 Tribal Edit)[Clean]

Baby (CC LPH10 Tribal Edit)[Clean]

Igual Que Un Angel (CC LPH10 Moomba Rework)[Clean]

MI EX TENIA RAZON (CC LPH10 Cumbia Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

TQG (CC LPH10 Cumbia Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

WATATI (CC LPH10 Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Tamo Loco (CC LPH10 Transition Edit 105-126)[Clean]

Macarena (CC LPH10 Transition Moomba Edit 128-105)[Clean]

Thrift Shop (CC LPH10 Moomba Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Lean On (CC LPH10 Moomba Rework)[Clean]

Billie Jean (CC LPH10 Guaracha Edit)[Clean]

LA FALDA (CC LPH10 Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Move Ya Body (CC LPH10 Moomba Flip)[Clean]

BELLAKEO (CC LPH10 Hype Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Airplane Tickets (CC LPH10 Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Fireball (CC LPH10 Tribal Edit)[Clean]

Somos Latinos (CC LPH10 Guaracha Edit)[Clean]

Loca Loca (CC LPH10 House Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Ojitos Rojos (CC LPH10 Hype Salsa Edit)[Clean]

La Colegiala (CC LPH10 Tribal Party Starter)[Clean]

Asereje 2024 (CC LPH10 Moomba Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Drop It Like It's Hot (CC LPH10 TikTok Reggaeton Rework)[Clean]

One, Your Name (CC LPH10 Vocal Tribal Festival Edit)[Clean]

Life Is Life, C'Est La Vie (CC LPH10 Moomba Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Senorita (CC LPH10 Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Young, Wild & Free (CC LPH10 Hype Moomba Edit)[Clean]

Rump Shaker (CC LPH10 Hype Tribal Edit)[Clean]

La Diabla (CC LPH10 Guaracha Rework)[Clean]