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Crooklyn Clan
's Section!!

Crooklyn Clan - Halloween Classics Vol. 1

Here comes the most powerful Halloween edits ever made!

Check Out
Crooklyn Clan
's Section!!

Halloween Intro (CC HC1 Bigroom Tool Edit) Clean
Halloween SFX Toolkit (CC HC1 Samples) Clean
Happy Halloween (CC HC1 Redrum) Clean
Halloween Theme (CC HC1 Re-Drum) Clean
Witchy Woman (CC HC1 Redrum) Clean
Ghost (CC HC1 Halloween Party Intro) Clean
Werewolves Of London (CC HC1 Halloween Re-Drum) Clean
Hungry Like The Wolf (CC HC1 Halloween Re-Drum) Clean
Scary Monsters And Super Creeps (CC HC1 Rock Redrum) Clean
Bad Moon Revival (CC HC1 Halloween Re-Drum) Clean
Ghostbuster (CC HC1 Halloween Re-Drum) Clean
Somebody's Watching Me (CC HC1 Halloween Re-Drum) Clean
Levitating (CC HC1 Ghostbuster Halloween Mashup) Clean
Hotter Than Hell (CC HC1 Redrum) Clean
Highway To Hell (CC HC1 Club House Rework) Clean
Spooky Scary Skeleton (CC HC1 Hybrid Bootleg) Clean
Shine (CC HC1 Halloween Bootleg) Clean
The Spook Returns (CC HC1 Heads Will Roll Bootleg) Clean
Addams Family (CC HC1 Halloween Losing It Bootleg) Clean
Rattle (CC HC1 Addams Family Halloween Version) Clean
Halloween (CC HC1 Right Behind Bootleg) Clean
Monster Mash (CC HC1 Halloween Re-Drum) Clean
This is Halloween (CC HC1 Halloween Re-Drum) Clean
This Is Halloween (CC HC1 Twerk Reboot) Clean
A Nightmare On My Street (CC HC1 Hiphop Re-Drum) Clean
Insomnia (CC HC1 Halloween Tribal Edit) Clean
Trick Or Treat (CC HC1 Halloween Bootleg) Clean
Halloween Theme (CC HC1 I'm The Ish Edit) Clean
Snap Yo Halloween Fingers (CC HC1 Trap Mashup) Clean
Out Of The Circus (CC HC1 Halloween Sax Bootleg) Clean
Old Town Road (CC HC1 Big Horn Spook Edit) Clean
Impulse (CC HC1 Halloween Party Starter Edit) Clean
Thriller (CC HC1 Halloween Re-Drum) Clean
Beautiful Monster (CC HC1 Remix) Clean
Give Me Everything Tonight (CC HC1 Halloween Toneplay Edit) Clean
The Purge (CC HC1 Cream Mixshow Edit) Clean
Culo Ghostbusters (CC HC1 Halloween Mashup) Spanish Dirty
Ghostbusters (CC HC1 Halloween House Edit) Clean
Ghostbusters (CC HC1 Halloween EDM Bootleg) Clean
Somebody's Wacthing Me (CC HC1 Stuck On You Halloween Edit) Clean
Somebody's Watching Me (CC HC1 Feel The Beat Halloween Bootleg) Clean
Push It (CC HC1 Halloween Mashup) Clean
Superstition (CC HC1 Halloween Re-Drum) Clean
Psycho Killer (CC HC1 Halloween Re-Drum) Clean
Ritmo, Bad Boys For Life (CC HC1 Halloween Edit) Clean
Zombie (CC HC1 QH Re-Drum) Clean
Halloween Anthem (CC HC1 Live The Night Big Room Edit) Clean
Knuck If Ya Buck (CC HC1 Trap Halloween Edit) Clean
I Got It From My Mama (CC HC1 Ghostbusters Re-Drum) Clean
Kernkraft 400 (CC HC1 Halloween Lose Control Bootleg) Clean