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Crooklyn Clan
's Section!!

Crooklyn Clan - Latin Party Hits Vol. 8

Just banger after banger in the latin series!!

Check Out
Crooklyn Clan
's Section!!

Darari (CC LPH8 Redrum)[Clean]

Los Angeles (CC LPH8 Redrum)[Clean]

Problem (CC LPH8 Moomba Reboot)[Clean]

9PM, Till I Come (CC LPH8 Tribal Rework)[Clean]

Gatita (CC LPH8 TikTok Redrum)[Clean]

Bongos (CC LPH8 Afro Tribal Redrum)[Clean]

Bongos (CC LPH8 Transition 100-122 Bpm)[Clean]

Coolie Bongos (CC LPH8 Mashup)[Clean]

Noche De Entierro Nuestro Amor (CC LPH8 Reggaeton Mashup)[Clean]

E Samba In Brazil (CC LPH8 Tribal Festival Mashup)[Clean]

Dessert (CC LPH8 Reggaeton Refix)[Clean]

Mami El Negro (CC LPH8 Redrum)[Clean]

Party Up (CC LPH8 Moomba Flip)[Clean]

What It Is (CC LPH8 Moomba Rework)[Clean]

Danza Kuduro (CC LPH8 Afro Tribal Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Magdalena (CC LPH8 Hype Redrum)[Clean]

Magdalena (CC LPH8 Redrum)[Clean]

Doggy Doggy (CC LPH8 Redrum Short)[Clean]

Boriqua Calabria Anthem (CC LPH8 Mashup)[Clean]

GTA (CC LPH8 Redrum)[Clean]

Ella Baila Sola (CC LPH8 Guaracha Flip)[Clean]

Pasa Je Ro (CC LPH8 Redrum)[Clean]

FERXXO 151 (CC LPH8 Redrum)[Clean]

Bebe Dame (CC LPH8 Intro Outro Cumbia Edit)[Clean]

What Is Love (CC LPH8 Tribal Rework)[Clean]

Panamericano (CC LPH8 House Party Starter)[Clean]

Dientes (CC LPH8 Redrum)[Clean]

Yeah Dientes (CC LPH8 Mashup)[Clean]

Papaya (CC LPH8 Redrum)[Clean]

QLONA (CC LPH8 Redrum)[Clean]

Mi Ex Tenia Razon (CC LPH8 Moomba Redrum)[Clean]

Asereje (CC LPH8 Moomba Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Meto Duro (CC LPH8 Latin Party Starter)[Clean]

Segun Quien (CC LPH8 Intro Outro Edit)[Clean]

Vivir Mi Vida 2023 (CC LPH8 Tribal Latin Reboot)[Clean]

LALA (CC LPH8 Redrum)[Clean]

Calor (CC LPH8 Redrum)[Clean]

Oye Mi Canto (CC LPH8 Moomba Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Mr Saxobeat (CC LPH8 Tribal Redrum)[Clean]

FREAK54 (CC LPH8 Le Freak Party Starter)[Clean]

Freak 54 (CC LPH8 BMore Redrum)[Clean]

Tempted To Touch (CC LPH8 Redrum)[Clean]

Energia Bacana (CC LPH8 Redrum)[Clean]

Pound Town 2 (CC LPH8 Moomba Reboot)[Clean]

El Jefe (CC LPH8 Redrum)[Clean]

Hoy Me Porto Mal (CC LPH8 Redrum)[Clean]

Give It Up (CC LPH8 Tribal Rework)[Clean]

I Like It Like That (CC LPH8 Latin House Refix)[Clean]

K-POP (CC LPH8 Moomba Redrum)[Clean]

Boom Boom Boom Boom (CC LPH8 Latin Party Starter)[Clean]