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Crooklyn Clan
's Section!!

Crooklyn Clan - School Prom Hits Vol. 1

These will work at your school prom! Trust us :)

Check Out
Crooklyn Clan
's Section!!

Mood (CC SPH1 Hype Redrum) Clean
Plain Jane (CC SPH1 Remix Redrum) Clean
Crazy In Love (CC SPH1 Party Starter) Clean
Ayy Single Ladies (CC SPH1 Segue) Clean
I Gotta A Feeling (CC SPH1 Losing It Smashup) Clean
How You Like That (CC SPH1 Redrum) Clean
Ice Cream (CC SPH1 Paint Job Party Starter) Clean
This Is 24K Magic (CC SPH1 Party Break) Clean
Up (CC SPH1 Teach Me How To Dougie Blend) Clean
Light Switch (CC SPH1 Move Your Body Smashup) Clean
Forever (CC SPH1 Coolie Smashup) Clean
1 2 Step (CC SPH1 First Class Blend) Clean
Crank That (CC SPH1 Cupid Shuffle Blend) Clean
Rockstar (CC SPH1 Redrum) Clean
Let Me Clear My Throat (CC SPH1 Big Energy Blend) Clean
Turn Down For What (CC SPH1 Wannabe Party Starter) Clean
Taki Taki (CC SPH1 All That She Wants Reggaeton Blend) Clean
Cake By The Ocean (CC SPH1 Venus Smashup) Clean
Levitating (CC SPH1 Fresh Hype Blend) Clean
2Step (CC SPH1 Redrum) Clean
Afterglow (CC SPH1 Redrum) Clean
Work From Home Saxoton (CC SPH1 Smashup) Clean
The Club Can't Handle Me Party Up (CC SPH1 Party Starter) Clean
Hollaback Girl (CC SPH1 Big Energy Blend) Clean
Savage Love (CC SPH1 Reggaeton Redrum) Clean
Baby (CC SPH1 Hype Redrum) Clean
Footloose (CC SPH1 Redrum) Clean
Pursuit of Happiness (CC SPH1 Epic Party Starter) Clean
Snap Yo Fingers (CC SPH1 Next Episode Blend) Clean
Lip Gloss (CC SPH1 Party Break) Clean
About Damn Time (CC SPH1 Hype Edit) Clean
Party Rock Anthem (CC SPH1 Party Starter) Clean
One Kiss Girls Like You (CC SPH1 Smashup) Clean
Body (CC SPH1 Tik Tok Redrum) Clean
Party In The USA (CC SPH1 Party Break) Clean
Starships (CC SPH1 Watch Out House Smashup) Clean
Bye Bye Bye (CC SPH1 Hype Redrum) Clean
Good 4 U (CC SPH1 Club Edit) Clean
What Makes You Beautiful (CC SPH1 Short Redrum) Clean
Cotton Eye Joe (CC SPH1 Redrum) Clean
Best Friend (CC SPH1 Party Starter) Clean
Tap In (CC SPH1 Tambourine Rework) Clean
My Type (CC SPH1 Freek A Leek Party Starter) Clean
Anaconda (CC SPH1 Jersey Club Edit) Clean
Drop It Like Its Hot (CC SPH1 OPP Blend Redrum) Clean
22 (CC SPH1 Hype Redrum) Clean
You Belong With Me (CC SPH1 Hype Redrum) Clean
Save Your Tears (CC SPH1 Remix Redrum) Clean
Birthday Chick (CC SPH1 Hype Edit) Clean
Yeah (CC SPH1 Slam Party Break Edit) Clean