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Starjack - Best Of Crooklyn Clan Vol. 11

Starjack, the #1 Editor All-Time for the Crooklyn Clan Vault! This series is dedicated to his biggest smashes!!

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Just A Lil Bit (Starjack GHouse Mixshow Edit)[Dirty]
In Da Club Stayin Alive Hot In Herre (Starjack Party Mash Segway 90-107 Bpm)[Clean]
Try Again (Starjack House Party Starter)[Clean]
Eastside vs Taki Taki (Starjack Moomba Seque)[Clean]
Thotiana Be Faithful (Starjack Mashup)[Clean]
Ms New Booty vs Body (Starjack HipHop Seque)[Clean]
Promises (Starjack Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
How Deep Is Your Love (Starjack House Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Havana (Starjack Big Horn Hype Edit)[Clean]
Bodak Yellow (Starjack Moombahton Rework)[Dirty]
I Like It (Starjack G-House Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Questions ( Turn Me On ) (Starjack Dancehall Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Goodies (Starjack Moomba Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Laffy Taffy (Starjack Moomba Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Magenta Riddim (Starjack Moombahton Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Levitating (Starjack Moomba Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Lose Yourself (Starjack Moomba Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
More Then Friends (Starjack House Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Be Faithful Magenta Riddim (Starjack's Crooklyn Clan Party Break)[Dirty]
No Limit (Starjack's Next Episode - Surprise Blend)[Dirty]
Thunder (Starjack Sax House Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
In My Head (Starjack Moombahton Party Starter)[Clean]
Talk Dirty (Starjack Moomba Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
On The Floor vs I Gotta Feeling (Starjack Top40 Party Seque)[Clean]
I Love Rock N Roll (Starjack Mixshow Party Break)[Clean]
Iko Iko (Starjack Moomba Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Higher Love Party Starter (Starjack vs DJs From Mars Electro House Mashup)[Clean]
Get Low vs Low (Starjack vs Nova vs Slam Tribal Transition 101-128 Bpm)[Dirty]
Shots vs In Da Club (Starjack Party Seque 128-90 Bpm)[Dirty]
Mambo No5 (Starjack Moomba Slam Aca In Edit)[Clean]
Moves Like Jagger vs One More Time (Starjack House Mashup)[Clean]
Single Ladies vs Real Love (Starjack Moombahton Mashup)[Clean]
What You Want (Starjack Moomba Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Hot In Herre (Starjack House Club Rework)[Clean]
Mo Money, Mo Problems (Starjack's Tropical House Edit)[Clean]
High Hopes (Starjack Big Horn House Reboot)[Clean]
Simon Says (Starjack Twerk Party Break)[Dirty]
Un Dos Tres Maria (Starjack Epic Mashup V2)[Clean]
Gimme The Light (Starjack Moomba Mixshow Rework)[Clean]
Cannonball Rave Night (Starjack Illuzion Mashup)[Clean]
Electricity (Starjack House Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Sweet Dreams (Starjack Future House Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Music Sounds Better With You (Starjack House Party Starter)[Clean]
Suavemente (Starjack Mainfloor Hitter)[Clean]
Look What You Made Me Do (Starjack Push It Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Let's Get it Started (Starjack Big Horn House Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Ayy Ladies (Starjack's Fatman Scoop Party Starter)[Clean]
WOBBLE (Starjack Hype Re-Drum)[Clean]
Wanna Dance With Somebody Who Found Love (Starjack Party Sequel 118-128 Bpm)[Clean]
Soul Makossa (Starjack - Tribal Sax - Party Starter)[Clean]