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Starjack - Best Of Yonce Vol. 2

Back 2 Back!

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Sexy Lil Thug In Da Club (SJ&CC BOY2 Party Break)[Clean]

711 (SJ&CC BOY2 Party Starter)[Clean]

Break My Soul (SJ&CC BOY2 Hype Redrum)[Clean]

Check On It (SJ&CC BOY2 Epic Intro)[Clean]

Church Girl (SJ&CC BOY2 Mixshow ReDrum)[Clean]

Crazy In Love (SJ&CC BOY2 Funky Reboot)[Clean]

Crazy In Love (SJ&CC BOY2 Hype Redrum)[Clean]

Drunk In Love (SJ&CC BOY2 Remix Aca Out Edit)[Clean]

Drunk In Love (SJ&CC BOY2 Transition 128-70 Bpm)[Clean]

Halo (SJ&CC BOY2 Redrum)[Clean]

If I Were A Boy (SJ&CC BOY2 808 Redrum)[Clean]

If I Were A Boy (SJ&CC BOY2 Uptempo Redrum)[Clean]

Irreplaceable (SJ&CC BOY2 Slam Intro)[Clean]

Love On Top (SJ&CC BOY2 Acapella Drop Intro)[Clean]

Naughty Girl (SJ&CC BOY2 Hype Redrum)[Clean]

Run The World (SJ&CC BOY2 Redrum)[Clean]

Single Ladies (SJ&CC BOY2 House Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Single Ladies (SJ&CC BOY2 Party Starter)[Clean]

Sweet Dreams (SJ&CC BOY2 House Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Sweet Dreams (SJ&CC BOY2 Redrum)[Clean]

Beautiful Liar (SJ&CC BOY2 House Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Crazy In Booty Love (SJ&CC BOY2 Smashup)[Clean]

Cuff It vs The Breaks (SJ&CC BOY2 Party Smashup)[Clean]

Naughty Girl (SJ&CC BOY2 Move Ya Body Mashup)[Clean]

Break My Soul vs Show Me Love (SJ&CC BOY2 House Smashup)[Clean]

Single Ladies (SJ&CC BOY2 Mi Gente Moomba Blend)[Clean]

Break My Soul Heads Will Roll (SJ&CC BOY2 Electro House Smashup)[Clean]

Before I Let Go (SJ&CC BOY2 Party Break Rework)[Clean]

Baby Boy vs Wild Thoughts (SJ&CC BOY2 R&B Blend)[Clean]

Be Faithful Single Ladies (SJ&CC BOY2 Surprise Blend)[Clean]

Sweet Dreams (SJ&CC BOY2 Party Mashup)[Clean]

Cuff It (SJ&CC BOY2 Hype Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Before I Let Go (SJ&CC BOY2 Party Break Rework) Clean

Party (SJ&CC BOY2 Return Of The Mack Mashup)[Clean]

Party (SJ&CC BOY2 Hype Redrum)[Clean]

Pon De Floor Run The World (SJ&CC BOY2 Bass House Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Baby Boy (SJ&CC BOY2 Hype Redrum)[Clean]

Single Ladies (SJ&CC BOY2 Multi Blend Party Break)[Clean]

Bootylicious (SJ&CC BOY2 Hype Redrum)[Clean]

Soldier (SJ&CC BOY2 Redrum Short Edit)[Clean]

Independent Women (SJ&CC BOY2 Hype Redrum)[Clean]

Jumpin Jumpin (SJ&CC BOY2 Redrum)[Clean]

Jumpin Jumpin (SJ&CC BOY2 Remix Redrum)[Clean]

Lose My Breath (SJ&CC BOY2 House Mixshow Edit) Clean

Survivor (SJ&CC BOY2 House Mixshow Edit)[Clean]

Shining (SJ&CC BOY2 Hype Redrum)[Clean]

Perfect (SJ&CC BOY2 Uptempo Reggaeton Mix)[Clean]

Bonnie & Clyde (SJ&CC BOY2 Still Dre Slam Blend)[Clean]

Savage Get Into It Yuh (SJ&CC BOY2 HipHop Blend) Clean

Savage To Atlanta (SJ&CC BOY2 HipHop Blend) Clean

Wanna Be Single Ladies (SJ&CC BOY2 Mashup)[Clean]