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Starjack - Crate Hackers Hits Vol. 1

40 Bangers via Crack Hacker requests!!

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Do It To It Nasty (SJ CH Electro House XMASmashup) Clean
Live At Jimmys (SJ CH Body Language Smashup) Clean
Live At Jimmys (SJ CH Power Redrum) Clean
Donde Esta Santa Claus (SJ CH El Taxi XMASmashup) Clean
Donde Esta Santa Claus (SJ CH Moomba Mango XMASmashup) Clean
Do They Know Its Christmas (SJ CH Circles XMASmashup) Clean
Finesse (SJ CH The Mistletoe Jam XMASmashup) Clean
A Holly Jolly Christmas (CC CH XMAS Redrum) Clean
Let It Snow (SJ CH House XMASmashup) Clean
8 Days Of Christmas (SJ CH Love Nwantinti XMASmashup) Clean
Rudolph Party Up (SJ CH Surprise XMAStarter) Clean
This Christmas (SJ CH Skate XMASmashup) Clean
Grandma Got Run Over In Da Getto (SJ CH XMASmashup) Clean
Jingle Bells (CC CH XMAS Redrum) Clean
Jingle Bells 2021 (SJ CH XMAS Twerk) Clean
Jingle Bells Fogo (CC CH TonePlay XMASmashup) Clean
Hippoptamus Say So (SJ CH Surprise XMASmashup) Clean
Empire State Of Mind (SJ CH Jingle Bells XMAStarter) Clean
Baby, Its Cold Outside (SJ CH XMAS Bass Redrum) Clean
Out Out (SJ CH All I Want For Christmas XMAStarter) Clean
Holiday Road (SJ CH Remaster Edit) Clean
Dominick No Speak Americano Donkey (CC CH XMASmashup) Clean
The Mistletoe Jam (SJ CH XMAS Redrum) Clean
All I Want For Christmas (SJ CH XMAS Push It Redrum) Clean
Christmas Song (SJ CH XMAS Redrum) Clean
Christmas Song (SJ CH XMAS What Redrum) Clean
Cool It Now (SJ CH Mixshow Edit) Clean
Wonderful Christmastime (SJ CH Big Bank XMASmashup) Clean
Sunflower (SJ CH Last Christmas XMASmashup) Clean
Last Night Charlie Brown (SJ CH Aca Out XMAStarter) Clean
Christmas In Hollis (SJ CH XMAS Hype Redrum) Clean
Someday At Pepas Christmas (SJ CH Guaracha XMASmashup) Clean
Someday At Peter Piper Christmas (SJ CH XMASmashup) Clean
Icy Girl Let The Jingle Bells Rock (SJ CH XMASmashup) Clean
Sleigh Ride (SJ CH OPP XMASmashup) Clean
Sarajevo (JCC CH XMAS Sleigh Bells Intro 125 BPM) Clean
Charlie Brown Theme (SJ CH Last Night XMAS Redrum) Clean
Warm Jamaican Christmas (SJ CH Aca Out XMAS Rework) Clean
Last Christmas Get Married (SJ CH XMASmashup) Clean
3 Kings (SJ CH Tech House XMASmashup) Clean