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Starjack - Secret Weapon HIts Vol. 12

Straight banger after banger from the all time best Crooklyn Clan Vault editor! Grab this today!!

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PIMP 2023 (Starjack Tech House Smashup) Dirty

Barbie Girl Maia (Starjack Festival Smashup) Clean

Barbie Girl 2023 (Starjack House Mixshow Edit) Clean

Satisfaction Maneater (Starjack Electro House Smashup) Clean

Satisfaction Maneater (Starjack Festival Smashup) Clean

Where Do You Rattle (Starjack Electro House Smashup) Clean

Work That Miami Bitch (Starjack Electro House Smashup) Dirty

Devotion 2023 (Starjack Festival Flip) Clean

Pump, Pump It Up (Starjack Tech House Smashup) Clean

Make My Day (Starjack Electro House Reboot) Clean

Push Up Sunglasses At Night (Starjack House Reboot) Clean

Zinc The Motto (Starjack Festival Smashup) Clean

She Knows (Starjack House Reboot) Clean

She Knows (Starjack Tribal Festival Reboot) Clean

Supposed To Be Loved (Starjack PYT Intro Edit)[Clean]

Eyes Closed (Starjack Dance Mixshow Edit) Clean

Eyes Closed (Starjack House Mixshow Edit) Clean

Rubber Take Over Control (Starjack Electro House Smashup) Clean

Cupid (Starjack Pop Redrum) Clean

Bigger Than Prince vs Pega Pega (Starjack Electro House Smashup) Clean

Infinity Metro (Starjack 2023 Festival Reboot) Clean

Makeba 2023 (Starjack Club House Mixshow Edit) Clean

Seven (Starjack Pop Redrum) Clean

Alone Congratulations (Starjack Afro House Smashup Flip) Dirty

Padam Padam (Starjack Club Party Starter) Clean

On Time (Starjack OG Party Starter) Dirty / Clean

Rhyme Dust (Starjack Hybrid Festival Edit) Clean

Lady DM Me Toca Toca (Starjack House Smashup) Clean

Barbie World Into Barbie Girl (Starjack Party Segway 72-130 Bpm) Clean

Barbie World (Starjack Barbie Girl Intro Aca Out) Dirty / Clean

Its Gettin Hot (Starjack Hot In Herre Party Starter) Dirty / Clean

Miss You Maia (Starjack Festival Smashup) Clean

Vampire (Starjack Pop Mixshow Edit) Clean

Cream (Starjack Bigger Then Prince Acapella Starter) Clean

Kiss (Starjack Bigger Then Prince Acapella Starter) Clean

When Doves Cry (Starjack Bigger Then Prince Acapella Starter) Clean

Work Good Blue Brazil (Starjack Samba Festival Reboot) Clean

Shot O Clock (Starjack Toms Diner Intro Edit)[Clean]

BIRTHDAY (Starjack Party Starter) Dirty / Clean

Breathe 2023 (Starjack House Mixshow Edit) Clean

Whoomp vs There It Is (Starjack Epic Segway 128-67 Bpm) Dirty / Clean

Cruel Summer (Starjack Party Uptempo Redrum) Clean

Astronomia Cinema 2023 (Starjack Bass House Mixshow Edit) Clean

There It Is (Starjack Whoomp Acapella Starter) Dirty / Clean