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Starjack - Segue Party Hits Vol. 2

50 more blazin' segue edits for your crates DJ's! Tools like these make it easy to move from genre to genre, tempo to tempo, and no DJ should ever be without them!

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Wake Me Up To Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (Starjack Segue 124-160) Clean

In Da Club x California Love x This Is How We Do It (Starjack Segue 95-103) Clean
Get Your Roll On vs Astronaut In The Ocean (Starjack Segue 89-75) Clean / Dirty
I Gotta Feeling To Footloose (Starjack Segue 128-174) Clean
Pump It vs Rodeo (Starjack Party Segue 153-70) Clean / Dirty
Whoa vs Bad Boy For Life (Starjack Segue 86-90) Clean / Dirty
Ms New Booty vs Taki Taki (Starjack Segue 97-102) Clean
Crazy Bitch vs Pour Some Sugar On Me (Starjack Segue 98-85) Dirty
Light Switch To Blinding Lights (Starjack Hype Segue) Clean
Light Switch To Blinding Lights (Starjack House Intro Segue Aca Out 130-170) Clean
Dessert vs Problema (Starjack Segue 97-94) Clean
Party Up vs Problema (Starjack Segue 101-94) Clean / Dirty
Next Epsiode vs What's My Name (Starjack Segue) Clean
Perfect vs More Than You Know (Starjack Segue 63-123) Clean
Tambourine vs Get low (Starjack Segue Redrum) Clean / Dirty
Lean Back vs Back In Black (Starjack Segue) Clean / Dirty
Glamorous To First Class (Starjack Afro Segue 124-107) Dirty
Glamorous To First Class (Starjack Segue 131-107) Clean
On The Floor vs I Gotta Feeling (Starjack Segue) Clean
Yummy vs Peaches (Starjack Segue) Clean / Dirty
Mama Said Don’t Mess With My Man (Starjack Segue 102-106) Clean
Vivir Mi Vida Y Suavemente (Starjack Segue 105-126) Clean
Hot Girl Summer vs Act Up (Starjack Segue 99-97) Clean / Dirty
P.Y.T. vs So Pretty (Starjack Segue 127-94) Clean
Party In The USA vs IZZO (Starjack Segue 96-87) Clean
Like This vs Like That (Starjack Segue 97-107) Clean / Dirty
Hot In Herre vs Buss It (Starjack Segue) Clean / Dirty
Hypnotize vs Ziki (Starjack Epic Segue 94-104) Clean / Dirty
Good 4 U To Astronaut In The Ocean (Starjack Epic Segue 84-75) Clean / Dirty
Give Me Everything Tonight vs Sexy And I Know It (Starjack Segue) Clean
Dynamite vs Rock This Party (Starjack Segue 120-128) Clean
Ininna Tora Till We Die (Starjack Bigroom Segue) Clean
Splash vs Money vs Mi Gente (Starjack Party Segue Minimix 70-105) Dirty
Scream vs Scream & Shout (Starjack Segue) Clean / Dirty
Wanna Dance With Somebody Who Found Love (Starjack Segue 118-128) Clean
Goin Down x Boasty x Gimme The Light x Get Low (Starjack Segue Minimix 84-101) Dirty