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Check Out
The Goodfellas
's Section!!

The Goodfellas - New Hip Hop & Rap Hits Vol. 1

Powerful in's and out's of the new ish you need to thug it out!

Check Out
The Goodfellas
's Section!!

2 Step (Clean)
2 Step (Dirty)
Pretty Girls Walk (Intro) (Clean)
Pretty Girls Walk (Intro) (Dirty)
Hot Shit (Intro) (Clean)
Hot Shit (Intro) (Dirty)
Players (Intro) (Clean)
Players (Intro) (Dirty)
Bestie (Intro) (Clean)
Bestie (Intro) (Dirty)
Sticky (Intro) (Clean)
Sticky (Intro) (Dirty)
Circo Loco (Intro) (Clean)
Circo Loco (Intro) (Dirty)
Pussy & Millions (Intro) (Clean)
Pussy & Millions (Intro) (Dirty)
Fantasy (Intro) (Clean)
Fantasy (Intro) (Dirty)
Tomorrow 2 (Intro) (Clean)
Tomorrow 2 (Intro) (Dirty)
pushin P (Intro) (Clean)
pushin P (Intro) (Dirty)
How You Did That (Intro) (Clean)
How You Did That (Intro) (Dirty)
Shabooya (Intro) (Clean)
Shabooya (Intro) (Dirty)
Munch (Feelin' U) (Intro) (Clean)
Munch (Feelin' U) (Intro) (Dirty)
Silent Hill (Intro) (Clean)
Silent Hill (Intro) (Dirty)
Super Gremlin (Intro) (Clean)
Super Gremlin (Intro) (Dirty)
Mind Yo Business (Intro) (Clean)
Mind Yo Business (Intro) (Dirty)
Right On (Intro) (Clean)
Right On (Intro) (Dirty)
Poland (Intro) (Clean)
Poland (Intro) (Dirty)
Flamin' Hottie (Intro) (Clean)
Flamin' Hottie (Intro) (Dirty)
Plan B (Intro) (Clean)
Plan B (Intro) (Dirty)
Too Many Nights (Intro) (Clean)
Too Many Nights (Intro) (Dirty)
See Wat I'm Sayin (Intro) (Clean)
See Wat I'm Sayin (Intro) (Dirty)
Too Big (Clean)
Too Big (Dirty)
Super Freaky Girl (Intro) (Clean)
Super Freaky Girl (Intro) (Dirty)
Bussin (Intro) (Clean)
Bussin (Intro) (Dirty)
Hotel Lobby (Intro) (Clean)
Hotel Lobby (Intro) (Dirty)
BO$$ CHICK (Intro) (Clean)
BO$$ CHICK (Intro) (Dirty)
DON'T SAY NOTHIN' (Intro) (Clean)
DON'T SAY NOTHIN' (Intro) (Dirty)
My Friends (Intro) (Clean)
My Friends (Intro) (Dirty)
Nasty (Intro) (Clean)
Nasty (Intro) (Dirty)
Outside (Intro) (Clean)
Outside (Intro) (Dirty)