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It’s no wonder why Sal Fazio pursued a career in the music industry. At the early age of two, Salvatore Fazio Jr. was captivated by the multiculturalism of music and played 45’s all day long on his father’s record player. While most toddlers would jubilee at the presence of toys, Salvatore Jr. would be enticed by the sound of music coming from the little speaker that was located on his father’s record player. He would press his ear close to the speaker and be enlightened by the sound that pierced out from there. 

Salvatore Jr. was born September 6, 1976 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Salvatore Jr., the youngest of five children and son of Salvatore and Pasqualina, grew up in a busy household with two eldest brothers and two eldest sisters. Sal Jr. was known as the “little record man”. He stole the hearts of his embellished emotions that brightened the adolescence of this young boy’s love for music. Clearly you would be inspired by this boy’s laughter every time the record played.

He never denied his passion for music. Raised in Little Italy in Toronto, “Little Sal”, would draw in crowds with his talents in break dancing across the busy streets of his hometown. During special events, organizations, and festivals, Sal Jr. would soon become involved and utilize his gift to mix, spin and create the great sounds and style to which would capture the hearts of his adoring fans. Throughout the years Sal Jr. would DJ at various busy nightclubs across Ontario, Palazzo, Fluid, Level, Seven, Coco’s (Grand Bend), and The Dard (Wasaga Beach) to name a few. 

Family and friends know him as Sal, at work he is known as DJ Fazio. DJ Fazio’s hard work and dedication would earn him unforgettable experiences and privilege and pleasure of working with artists such as; 50 Cent, Lil’ Jon, Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock, Sean Paul, Kardinal Offishall, and Massari to name a few. In 2004 DJ Fazio was voted best nightclub DJ in the Greater Toronto Area by the masses and finished a respectable 3rd place. In 2005 nominated DJ Fazio for best Urban DJ of the year award. 

DJ Fazio continues to climb the wondrous ladder of success and endeavors new and greater opportunities to attain his future goals and ambitions. In 2005 DJ Fazio introduced to Toronto Canada a different style of music, which is classified as Italian Hip Hop and R&B. Fazio had the honors and privilege of working with Italian Hip Hop artists such as; Gemelli Diversi, Articolo 31, Club Dogo, and Marracash just to name a few. 

In 2023 to demonstrate his talents and capabilities, mostly to captivate the peoples enjoyment through his creative Classic Italian Mash-Up’s, DJ Fazio is welcomed by DJ Sizzahandz of Crooklyn Clan and CEO of to have his remixes available on this wide platform along with many other great DJ’s all around the world. 


DJ Fazio

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DJ Fazio


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