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Check Out
Claudio D
's Section!!

Claudio D - Freestyle Hits 3

Claudio knows Freestyle like no other.. Here's some more no brainers!

Check Out
Claudio D
's Section!!

All Night Passion (CD Edit)

Answer My Cry (CD Edit)

Baby Don't Go Go-(CD Edit)

BabyTalk (CD Edit)

Clave Rocks (CD Edit)

Come Baby Come (CD Edit)

Como Tu Te Llama (CD Edit)

Do You Miss Me (CD Edit)

Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (CD Edit)

Don't Stop Now (CD Edit)

Fantasy Girl (CD Edit)

Give Me Back My Heart(CD Edit)

Give Me Tonight (CD Edit)

Head To Toe  (CD Edit)

How Can We Be Wrong (CD Edit)

I Remember What You Like (CD Edit)

If This Ain't Love (CD Edit)

If You Leave Me Now (CD Edit)

If You Should Ever Be Lonely(CD Edit)

I'll Be All You Ever Need (CD Edit)

I'm Dreaming Of Love (CD Edit)

It's Not Too Late (CD Edit)

Latin Love (CD Edit)

Leave It All Behind (CD Edit)

Let Me Be The One (CD Edit)

Let The Music Play (CD Edit)

Let's Go (CD Edit)

Look Out Weekend (CD Edit)

Love Is On Her Mind (CD Edit)

Match Made Up In Heaven (CD Edit)

Materialistic Girl (CD Edit)

My Heart Skips A Beat (CD Edit)

Open Up Your Heart (CD Edit)

Picking Up Pieces (CD Edit)

Planet Rock (CD Edit)

Prove Your Love (CD Edit)

Release Yourself (CD Edit)

Remember (CD Edit)

Sending All My Love (CD Edit)

Set It Off (CD Edit)

Tell It To My Heart (CD Edit)

Then Came You (CD Edit)

Too Turned On-(CD Edit)

Touch Me With Your Heart (CD Edit)

Two Of Hearts (CD Edit)

When The Pieces Fall (CD Edit)

Where Does That Leave Love (CD Edit)

Whispers ( CD Edit )

Yo Little Brother (CD Edit)

You're My One And Only (CD Edit)