Claudio D

Plain and simple, Claudio D doesn't rely on a contrived image or a flashy name. He's been a DJ for over 2 decades. Since landing his first club gig he hasn't looked back.

Along the way, he has built up an impressive resume that includes residencies and guest spots at some of Long Island's most prestigious clubs. Claudio’s remixes have been heard in clubs from New York to Ibiza as well as radio mix shows around the country.

Having a passion for music for as long as he can remember, it was influences by the evolving music styles that have shaped his soulful old school styling in the studio. Influences that began in the late 70’s through today; disco, freestyle, old school. Hip hop, dance, trance and reggae just to name a few. When Claudio isn’t performing live at one of the Metro Area’s nightclub/lounge’s he’s concentrating on remixing and production where the creative process is evident in all of his work.

Claudio D- unique DJ, with a good fusion of blending techniques coupled with a natural ear for harmonic mixing.


Claudio D

's original releases.


Claudio D


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