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Claudio D
's Section!!

Claudio D - Freestyle Hits 2

50 Bangin' Quick Hits you need in your Freestyle crates!!

Check Out
Claudio D
's Section!!

A Day In My Life-(CD QH)
All & All-(CD QH)
Come Get My Love-(CD QH)
Counting The Days-(CD QH)
Dance With Me-(CD QH)
Don't Be Afraid-(CD QH)
Don't Break My Heart-(CD QH)
Endless Nights-(CD QH)
First True Love-(CD QH)
For Tonight-(CD QH)
Forever Amor-(CD QH)
Funk Boutique-(CD QH)
Get Away-(CD QH)
Good Things Come To Those Who Wait-(CD QH)
How Can We Be Wrong-(CD QH)
I Burn-(CD QH)
I Wanna Be The One-(CD QH)
I Won't Stop Loving you-(CD QH)
I Wonder If I Take You Home-(CD QH)
In My Eyes-(CD QH)
Inside Outside-(CD QH)
January February-(CD QH)
Like A Child-(CD QH)
Look Into My Eyes-(CD QH)
Love Child-(CD QH)
Love Letter-(CD QH)
Love Me Tonight-(CD QH)
Love You Will You Love Me-(CD QH)
Mandolay-(CD QH)
Maria-(CD QH)
My Heart Gets All The Breaks-(CD QH)
One Way Love-(CD QH)
Over And Over-(CD QH)
Right From The Start-(CD QH)
Second Chance For Love-(CD QH)
Sincerely Yours-(CD QH)
Someone To Hold-(CD QH)
Spring Love-(CD QH)
Summertime Summertime-(CD QH)
Take Me In Your Arms-(CD QH)
Tears May Fall-(CD QH)
The Mexican-(CD QH)
The Question-(CD QH)
This Is The Last Time-(CD QH)
Try Yazz-(CD QH)
Who's Got Your Love-(CD QH)
Why You Wanna Hurt Me-(CD QH)
Without You-(CD QH)
Yo No Se-(CD QH)
You Are The One-(CD QH)