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Claudio D
's Section!!

Claudio D - Popular Loops 1

Pieces of things you need to be creative and DOPE during your primetime sets. Don't be afraid to dive in and do some live blends, the crowd will appreciate you!

Check Out
Claudio D
's Section!!

900# (CD Loop)
Rock The Party (CD Loop)
Something For The Radio (CD Loop)
The Choice Is Yours (CD Loop)
Ugly (CD Loop)
Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See (CD Loop)
Word Up (CD Loop)
Insane In The Brain (CD Loop)
They Want Efx (CD Loop)
The Show (CD Loop)
Holla Back (CD Loop)
Love Like This (CD Loop)
Funky Sensation (CD Loop)
Tipsy (CD Loop)
Ain't It Funky (CD Loop)
Hot Pants (CD Loop)
Give It To Me (CD Loop)
Feeling So Good (CD Loop)
The Jump Off (CD Loop)
Lip Gloss (CD Loop)
Let The Beat Hit Em (CD Loop)
Makossa (CD Loop)
Love At First Sight (CD Loop)
Get Your Freak On (CD Loop)
Work It (CD Loop)
Juicy Fruit (CD Loop)
O.P.P. (CD Loop)
Hot In Here (CD Loop)
One More Chance (CD Loop)
The Benjamins (CD Loop)
Beware Of The Boys (CD Loop)
Breathe And Stop (CD Loop)
Da Goodness (CD Loop)
Pon De Replay (CD Loop)
It Takes 2 (CD Loop)
It's Like That (CD Loop)
Mary Mary (CD Loop)
Peter Piper (CD Loop)
Sucker Emcees (CD Loop)
Mona Lisa (CD Loop)
Drop It Like It's Hot (CD Loop)
Back To Life (CD Loop)
Apache (CD Loop)
Brick House (CD Loop)
Outstanding (CD Loop)
For The Love Of Money (CD Loop)
Roxanne Roxanne (CD Loop)
Reggae (CD Loop)
Reggaeton (CD Loop)
Wait (CD Loop)